Clean Ups (15Mts)

Fast clean up with natural extracts for young girls.

Mini Facial (20Mts)

This is a mini Facial with gentle massage with suitable cream followed by pack. 

Almond Glitz

This is made with pure almond oil extract which helps to lock moisture on dry skin by giving a healthy glow to the skin.

Sandalwood Glitz

This is made with pure sandalwood oil extract which helps for Oily Skin to impart excess oil and improve fairness to the skin.

Kesar Glitz

This is made with pure Kesar extract for combination skin, helps to improve fairness, remove dust and grime by giving the skin a fair glow and shine.

Advanced Facials

Aroma Facials
(Covers face n neck) (40Mts)

Silver Facial

This is for normal to dry and sensitive skin giving Intense hydration by reducing dryness.

Special Facials

(Really feel Special) (50Mts)

Re-Call Facial

This Anti Aging Facial works towards a young and healthy look with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and pure herbal extracts work wonders to diminish fine lines, early wrinkles and give the skin perfect firmness and nutrition.

Skin Glow Facial

Double exfoliation to reduce tan Uses glycolic acid from sugarcane to lighten skin

Clear Skin Facial

It works on uneven skin to get even tone in one sitting with help of naturals fruit enzyme.

Luxurious Facials

(This is a full procedure for face n neck with back massage) (60Mts)

Rich Fair Whitening Facial

This whitening kit is made with pure Kesar, Mulberry extracts and Vitamin E which are known to show visible results immediately. This combination helps to improve fairness & glow to the skin.

Detox Therapy Facial

This Facial is an experience with special procedure of massage using stones which helps to relax for tired and stressed skin.

Gold Radiant Facial

Gold, a precious metal from age old times, is known as a Cleopatra secret ingredient of beauty. The combination of gold fusion with herbs helps to get ultimate glow to your skin from beneath the deeper layers.

Refreshing Skin Care

(Covers Face Only ) (30Mts)

Mixed Fruit Facial

This Facial kit is made with pure fruit extracts include Strawberry, Peach & Green Apple. This combination helps to suite all skin types which provides glow and moisture to the skin.

Herbal Facial

This Facial kit is made with traditional ayruvedic ingredients like Manjistha, Haridra, Turmeric, which help to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin.

Vitamin ‘C’ Facial

This Facial gives an instant glow and reduces the skin Damage & improves texture and complexion by incorporating instant luster for all skin types except acne.

Aloe Vera Facial

Aloe vera is known for its immense healing and anti septic properties. This facial removes dirt, grime, make up & pollutants from the skin.

Oxygenate Facial

This Facial protects the skin against harmful UV rays n Oxygenates the skin’s surface capillaries which suits working Men/Women who are exposed to pollution. 

Skin Treatment Services

Treatment Duration (20 Mts)

The frequency to undergo these services will be suggested by our therapist based on your skin’s response.

Under Eye Treatment / Crow Feet

This treatment minimizes wrinkles and rings around the eyes

Anti Acne Treatment 
The combination treatment of herbal extracts like turmeric, aloe vera, macca helps to provide antiseptic properties to the skin which helps to reduce acne, rashes and sebaceous activity beneath the deeper layers of your skin. 

Anti Pigmentation
The combination treatment of herbal extracts like potato n papaya extracts, vitamin E and ashwagandha helps to reduce pigmentation on all skin types. And also helps to reduce dark spots, pimple scars, and dry patchy pigmented skin.

Face Packs

Treatment Duration (20 Mts)

Fruit Pack

This suits all ages and skins.

Chocolate Pack

It nourishes the skin and helps in treating acne & pimples. 

Glow Pack

This gives instant glow. Suits for party goers.

 Whitening Mask

Aqua, Lactic Acid and Jojoba oil and glycolic acid help in skin look fairer, smoother and younger

Diamond Mask

An age retarding complex that restores skin’s youthfulness by its lifting and firming action. Rejuvenates skin cells, maintains moisture balance, tones the skin, removes fine lines and wrinkles..

Gold Mask

Fine particles of Gold makes the mask exclusive for enhancing the brightness for dull, matured skin. This Gold Mask adds the sparkle and shine to the skin while improving its texture.

Tan Pack

Helps in removing tan and also helps to brighten dark complexion.


Neck( Blouse Line )

Face & Neck & Back

Full Arms